2.4 GHz Wireless Data Logger for a race car.
This data logger is used to record GPS and Digital and Analog telemetry data for a race car.
The GPS data provides the georeferencing for the telemetry system.
The data is then used to let the crew chief  know when and where on the track an event took
place and under what conditions.

The 2.4 GHz wire less link lets the crew chief monitor the race car in real time on a laptop 
computer and record the data to a file on the laptop for later analyses 
Phone: (941) 723-9058

Redundant Telemetry System for an Autonomous Boat
This is a Redundant Telemetry uses to transmit  GPS and telemetry data to a laptop computer
located at the control station where the data can be viewed in real time and recorded for later analyses 
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Flight Termination and Payload Control Console
This is a Flight Termination and payload encoder console and RX decoder designed and built for
the 2009 OUTBACK UAV CHALLENGE to be held in Kingaroy Australia in September of 2009.
The system generates the heartbeat requirements and controls the manual and automatic
  flight termination process along with  control of the UAV and release of the payload.
Phone: (941) 723-9058

Wireless Data System For A Factory Production Line.
This is a system used for the monitoring of a production line in a factory the
system monitors versus pieces of production equipment there are 6 of
these units that are monitoring all of the equipment on the production line
Phone: (941) 723-9058  
AUAV offers a wide range of custom system designs.
Autopilots, IMUs, R/C Control-Links, Telemetry Downlinks and Airframes.

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