AUAV offers a wide range of custom system designs.
Autopilots, IMUs, R/C Control-Links, Telemetry Downlinks and Airframes.

For more information please contact  Dave Jones at the following address.

   Autonomous Unmanned Air Vehicles
Dave Jones

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At AUAV our initial goal was to do two things build autopilots and airframes for small UAV's, but some times fate has away of telling you that there's more to life than doing just the thing that you set out to do and this is what has happen at AUAV.
First was the development of our Digital Spread Spectrum RC system back in 2001. Next came the request from the U.S.G.S. to provide them with an autopilot for an autonomous boat.
Then Small and Large companies started contacting us with requests for custom one of a kind projects.
We have received many requests from manufactures, government contractors, government agencies and research and development companies to design and build custom one of a kind or prototype projects that other bigger companies can't or won't do because the profit margin is just to small for them.
As AUAV's Custom projects has started to grow over the last few years we have decided to offer it as service.  At AUAV we can take your concept drawing on paper to a working prototype and we can do it faster and for less. We are still building autopilots for UAV's and Boats and will continue to do so.
The Rapid Prototyping and one of a kind projects are just another service offered by AUAV.

Please click here to see some of the custom projects that AUAV has worked on. Or call us at
(941) 723-9058

Phone: (941) 723-9058